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There’s a reason most developers don’t grok marketing: lots of marketing makes no sense. Literally. Apparently a good way to create buzz is to do something senseless.

I’ve been following Cambrian House for a couple of weeks now. My very limited understanding of their model is this:

  1. Solicit contributions from essentially anybody for product ideas.
  2. Solicit contributions from developers and graphic designers to produce those products. Contributors get points based on their contributions.
  3. If/when the product makes money, contributors are paid based on their points.

Anyway back to senseless marketing stunts. Today Cambrian House released a video on YouTube where they feed Googlers lunch by showing up unannounced with 1000 pizzas. Ostensibly they’re recognizing that they “stand on the shoulders of giants” and expressing their appreciation to Google for um, allowing them to stand on their shoulders, or something.

So yeah, it make no sense, but it’s fun. And here I am, helping generate that buzz. I best keep my day job.


Written by Ian Olsen

July 28, 2006 at 8:45 am

Posted in Marketing

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