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Fixes Since the Beta

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If you’ve been trying out the 4.0.5 beta, you might be interested to know what we’ve fixed since its release. Almost all of the changes are in the Visual Studio 2005-integrated client. They are:

  • Adding an existing unbound project to an existing bound solution now works correctly.
  • Projects that are pending addition no longer always give a spurious working folder error on startup.
  • Added help for the “Add Solution to Vault” and “Change Vault Bindings” dialogs.
  • Fixed a bug where the path to web site projects was not always correctly determined in the Change Bindings dialog.
  • Changed some text to make it more clear that you’re going offline: login dialog and working folder resolution.
  • Adding a new web site project to a bound solution now gives a sane default repository location.
  • Solutions and projects are now correctly reloaded when undoing a change from the pending changes window.
  • Log out from the repository now happens correctly when closing your solution after it had been automatically reloaded due to a get or revert.
  • Get Latest and Checkout commands are now enabled when only a child file (e.g. a designer or code-behind file) is selected.
  • Fixed the weird availability of the “Open From Vault” command. It’s now always available when we’re the active source control provider.

These will be in 4.0.5 final, due out Real Soon Now.


Written by Ian Olsen

October 19, 2007 at 1:16 pm

Posted in Vault

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