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Vista Folder Views and My Newfound Curmudgeonry

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If Vista decides, one more time, that the appropriate columns when looking at a folder full of C# source code is Artists, Album, Genre, and Rating, I’m going to go postal. I keep fixing it, and everything’s fine for a few weeks, and then it does it again. Yes. I have SP1 installed.

This morning I searched Google for “Vista folder view f***ed” (without the stars) and, amusingly, the second result led me to a fix. I’ve removed from the registry all the folder-specific view settings that Vista oh-so-cleverly remembered on my behalf. If it actually did this competently, that would be one thing, but if it’s just going to confuse itself every few weeks, I’ve got better ways to spend my time. So I’ve also turned off the “remember each folder’s settings” option. Call me crazy, but when looking at a list of files I actually want to see file-like information like size, date, and attributes. I genuinely miss Windows NT 3.5’s file explorer sometimes.

I’ll be 31 this year. Perhaps I’ve already begun the slow decline to cranky old geek. Soon I’ll be looked at by fresh-faced college kids the same way I looked at the graybeards reminiscing about core memory and punch cards.


Written by Ian Olsen

April 10, 2008 at 8:55 am

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